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North Star Consulting & Research is an independent housing consultancy and social research company. We provide high quality consultancy and research services tailored to meet the individual requirements and particular needs of each of our clients.

Our team are experienced in research and consultancy and specialise in housing, regeneration, and social policy.

Our services include:

Housing Need and Demand Analysis

We have considerable experience in Housing Need and Demand Assessment, having delivered over 18 Housing Needs Assessments in the past five years. 

Governance Review

The North Star team encompasses housing and governance specialists with experience of working with housing associations and similar organisations.

Rent Restructuring and Harmonisation

We have delivered a number of rent harmonisation and rent restructuring studies to the social housing sector through our

Housing Consultancy Scotland


Performance Management and Service Improvement

We have extensive experience in housing service performance management and service reviews having worked with twenty social housing landlords.

Rural Affordable Housing Needs

The North Star team have extensive experience in rural affordable housing and have delivered Rural Affordable Housing Needs Assessments and Rural Housing Strategies. 

Mid Market Rent and Intermediate Tenures

We have experience of working with both the public and private sectors to deliver Mid Market Rent, Intermediate Tenures and housing led regeneration.

Particular Needs Housing

Our expertise includes particular needs housing and we have worked with local authorities and RSLs to research and develop Older Persons Housing Strategies and policy solutions. 

Board Appraisal

The North Star team encompasses housing and governance specialists with experience of working with housing associations and similar organisations. 

Tenant Scrutiny

Our Director, Freya Lees, has worked with many local authorities in the provision of independent tenant advice, tenant and resident consultation and community engagement. 


Our team are knowledgeable in the field of Homelessness and have recently worked with three local authorities to develop and prepare their Homelessness Strategies. 

Strategy Development

We have carried out many research studies to support local authorities in the development of local Housing Strategies, have written local Housing Strategies and more. 

Option Appraisal

We are experienced Option Appraisal consultants having completed many successful studies for the RSL and local authority housing sectors.

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