North Star Consulting & Research

MA Economics and Politics

Effie has over 15 years experience in housing and economic consultancy. An economist with an eye for detail, Effie leads our economic and demographic profiling, evaluation and appraisal. Effie has an analytical approach and focuses on desk top reviews, data analysis and literature reviews.

Effie is a skilled consultant and has considerable experience working on a variety of different research studies in her current role as a Consultant with North Star Consulting & Research but also in her previous roles as a Consultant while at DTZ and as a Research Officer for Aberdeenshire Council.

She has particular knowledge of housing and planning related studies having worked for a local authority planning department and then within the housing, planning and economics division at DTZ. 

Effie has also worked on a number of housing related studies for rural local authorities areas across the UK and has a good understanding of the type of issues that feature in these areas.

At North Star Consulting & Research, Effie’s expertise is in the collation and analysis of demographic and socio-economic data which she uses to inform her research. She also specialises in literature and policy reviews. Recent studies that she has worked on include:

  • Mid-Market Rent Housing Reviews
  • Assessment of Housing and Support Needs and Aspirations of the Ageing Population
  • Older Persons Housing Research and Delivery Solutions
  • Board Performance Appraisal and Analysis of Training Needs
  • Rural Affordable Housing Needs Surveys and Enabling Work
  • Analysis of Low Demand Housing Market Areas


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